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starts us off. >> reporter: it's been four days since hurricane sandy struck the northeast. yesterday there were screams for help in some of the worst hit areas. >> we all need help. i need help desperately. >> reporter: today, some help showed up. homeland security secretary janet napolitano toured devastated staten island. >> we have 3200 fema personnel working this storm in the northeast, and more are on their way. >> reporter: tons of relief supplies were brought into floyd bennett field in brooklyn. national guardsmen and the red cross seemed a lot more visible and fema set up relief centers throughout the storm zone. >> fema was very helpful. they came out. we were in need of clothes. in need of food. and any donation that the people have given us, we're very grateful. >> reporter: because supplies and emergency services have been at such a premium, new yorkers have wondered all week why on earth the stay's legendary marathon was still on schedule to take place sunday. early this evening, it was canceled. and on staten island, where the race always begins, residents said thank g
in rockefeller plaza. >>> and it is try day friday, november 2nd, we are so happy you guys are all with us today, getting ready for our quiet weekend, i hope, after everything that everybody's been through. >> but kind of a rock and roll friday night here. >> get it kicked off. >> there's a benefit concert that nbc is putting on tonight at 8:00. matt lauer, it was his idea. >> he's hosting the whole thing. >> it's at 8:00, it's supposed to be across all nbc platforms, and the goal is to raise money for the hurricane victims. >> through the red cross, right. >> it's called hurricane sandy coming together. >> i love it. we have a lot of great, great acts coming. matt called a lot of these guys, bruce springsteen and the e-street band is going to come and perform. >> he's got these guys on speed dial. john bon jovi. >> willy joel, sting, christinaal lara. -- christina aguilera. >> nbc, msnbc, bravo, g-4, usa. >> wow. >> and streamed. >> gosh, we're big. >> we are humongous. anyway. >> it will be from 8:00 to 9:00 eastern time on the east coast. taped delay again for the west coast. a lot of people
>>> nbc bay area news beginnings with breaking news. >>> thank you for joining us, on this friday. >> i want to tell you about some breaking news now, police are at the scene of a shooting, this is what we know so far. the shooting taking place not far from facebook's headquarters, at the intersection of ivy drive, near bellhaven elementary school. at this point we don't know the number of people involved in the shooting, if there are fatallies, and what the circumstances are, but we have more on the scene and we'll give you information as we get it. >>> and it is a development that is angering everybody. it appears that they blamed everybody but themselves, they blamed a sexual abuse victim for being careless. >> reporter: probably a poor choice of words on their part, based on the allegations in the complaint. >> reporter: legal analyst and attorney is not working on the sexual abuse case against the miraga school district, but is giving his legal insight into the stunning denial, involving qunan, who is suing the school district, and three former administrators claiming they kn
, can we have our mail back? >> it's quite rewarding for us to get the cooperation from the community we have gotten. we have gotten videos that we were following up on, we have three d three investigators working on the case. >> fairfield police called the action of the neighbors amazing. they are determined to crack the case. >> cameras are rolling, eyes are rolling and ears are rolling. so, all hands on deck. >> all hands are on deck out here. the car involved is described as a 4-door knnissan and a man and woman are believed to be involved. they say they are working on several leads. now the neighborhood association is offering a $1,000 reward, u.s. postal service said they will pay up to $10,000 for information leading to some arrests. reporting live. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, san francisco police say that help from the public lid to the arrest of a man who violented attacked an agent last month. you are seeing video that shows the attack and the man that police are looking for. the agent told the rider that bicycles were not allowed in the station. police say they got a tip
to come here and help us, we need assistance. please. >> reporter: there is now hope. >> there is a renewed hope and spirit, and that is what they needed. >> reporter: families crowded around the tables to pick up canned food and ready to eat meals, with more than 100 lining up for dry ice, others bringing clothing for their neighbors. temperatures are dropping tonight and parents here are worried about their children. the homeland security chief and fema officials today oversaw the relief effort. >> folks are going to be going door-to-door in these communities and making sure that nobody is left out. >> reporter: as one person put it, it is not charity, it is humanity. >> i'm from brooklyn, here since saturday, today is my day off, i'm here trying to help a little more because it is like a bomb hit. >> reporter: ester doesn't even know where to start. >> we need help here, we truly do, we need somebody to come and tell us which way to go, how to go, everybody is becoming so frantic. >> reporter: she feels lost in her own neighborhood, there is the boat lodged in her
at policing station and can we have our mail back? >> it's rewarding for us to get the cooperation from the community that we have gotten. we have three detectives working on the case and hopefully have a resolution shortly. >> fairfield police called the actions amazing. they want the bad guys to know they won't stand for the crime on their beat. they are determined to crack the case. >> cameras and eyes are rolling and ears are rolling. all hands on deck. >> much more ahead on today in the bay. we will show you how you can get your hands on world series collectibles for free. >> here's a look outside. you can see we have clouds drifting over the bay area, but will any of the clouds bring a chance of rain for the weekend plans? we will have a look at that and the forecast when we come back. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicio
worried about everything you'll learn about me, but hopefully you'll stay with us. we do have a lot to get to. we are covering two big stories, of course. there is the countdown to election day and the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> right now, this region is still reeling, but starting to make progress five days after hurricane sandy hit. today, gas rationing begins in new jersey, while people across the eastern seaboard are still trying to pick up the pieces. if they can get gas to move somewhere. can it be done? can new york city do anything to avoid ending up being under water again? we've got it covered. >>> also, important tips for you on how you can clean up from the storm and make sure you're ready before that next big one comes along. >> later on, some of new york's most famous natives held a telethon for hurricane sandy victims. matt lauer was the host. bruce springsteen, jon bon jovi, and billy joel helped raise money. we'll show you some highlights. >> it was quite a show. >>> we are also live on the campaign trail as president obama and governor romney crisscross the country
to take away from analysts? the my is growing, but very slowly. today both sides try to use the numbers to claim their message is the right one for the future of our country. steve handelsman is live in washington, d.c. with the latest on the race with 95 hours to go until the first polls close. good evening. >> reporter: 95, well that. >> can't spin that number. but both sides are spinning the unemployment number of 7.9, disagreeing about the significance of it. but agreeing oddly, they don't agree on much, especially this close to the end, on the importance of the number 18, the electoral votes of ohio that both candidates badly need. so close to the end, you know they're in ohio. mitt romney in etna. >> i'm counting on you. >> president obama in hilliard, caking credit for the auto bailout. >> in toledo, where chrysler is add mortgage than a thousand new jobs on a second shift, not in china, right here in ohio. >> reporter: it paid off for him, a two-point lead in ohio polls. >> this morning we learned the companies hired more workers in october than at any time in the la
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8